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Fusion Pro
32 x 20 x 12.25
48 x 36 x 12.25
Interchangable Table System
On the Fusion Pro 48 mix and match your table across the bed with optional slat and gridded cutting tables.
Air Assist and Auto Focus
The air assist removes heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface for a cleaner cut. A built-in air compressor provides air directly to the work surface.
IRIS Camera System
Overhead cameras provide an accurate picture of the working area for accurate artwork placement, and a camera at the lens allows the system to find preprinted registration marks.
Epilog Fusion Pro Head
Keep the mechanics of your laser machine cleaner than ever before with side bellow enclosures, a fully covered x-axis assembly, and covered lens assembly.
Epilg Fusion Pro Screen
Select between jobs, change settings, and more right from the easy-to-use touch screen interface right at the laser. Rerun jobs at the touch of a button.
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